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After allowing Seamus outside, I made my way to the bathroom for a little relief,

She bent forward, giving me a great view of her ass, as she jiggled it….

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I released my hold, my hands fell to my side, Steph began playing with the cum on her inner thighs by sliding a finger in a circular motion then slowly lifting her finger curious at how my cum was sticking to her finger, Beth placed her whole hand onto my belly announcing ‘it’s warm and sticky’ then wiped her hand on Steph’s leg, Steph kissed me then said she liked it, it was nice, Beth confessed she had wanked a boy but when he began shooting his spunk she let go of his cock, l asked if she had ever gone all the way, Steph declared that she would if the boy wore a condom, l joked l’ll get some from the clubhouse toilets, Beth told her sister that she hasn’t even had a boys finger in her pussy, Steph replied nor had Beth, before it broke out into an argument, l said we should shower to get ready if we are going to the clubhouse,

I went into the tent stripped and climbed into the compartment to lower myself on top of Beth while her sister Steph was sat beside us telling Beth it was better without a condom but she wanted me to use one so l unrolled a condom over my cock, got between Beth’s legs and raised them then pulled the condom off and slid the head of my cock between her pussy lips to eased my hard shaft into Beth’s hole, she was nervous the deeper l buried my cock inside her, Beth’s inner muscles gripped my cock so tight even when she had my whole shaft in her

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